Tania Murphy - Yoga Teacher & Owner

My qualifications: 

I completed my 200hr yoga teacher training in 2016, completed a 50hr teacher training in 2017 studying Yin Yoga and recently attended a 28.5hr teacher training with Noah Maze. I currently have over 1000hrs experience in teaching.

I have completed a Diploma in Ayurveda, aMaster Herbalist Diploma and have recently qualified as a Reiki Practitioner.  I am also studying Aromatherapy, Organic Skin Care and Face Yoga.

Why do I teach yoga?  I teach yoga because it changed my life, my focus, my self-confidence, my body and my general sense of well-being.  I teach yoga because I want to share those benefits with others.  I want them to feel those same benefits.  I want my students to feel more focused, more mindful of their own health and well-being, to become stronger, freer, more comfortable and confident in their own bodies.

I first came to a regular yoga practice about 5 years ago.  I had dabbled in yoga before but I didn't understand yoga then.  I didn't understand how to treat my body.  I thought yoga was too slow, the effects I wanted for my external appearance didn't happen fast enough.  I thought in order to become fit and healthy I had to keep pushing my body.  I was doing a lot of running at the time, pounding the pavements, working up a sweat doing 10k runs 4 times a week.  I was working full-time in a desk job sitting all day long and I had an old spinal injury that I had forgotten all about.  The constant pounding, building strong legs, whilst having a weak damaged core which slouched all day at a desk was a recipe for disaster.  One day my back just gave up and I was in agony.

After countless visits to doctors & specialists having tests and scans, I was told that I had a bulging disc and degeneration of the spine.  I was told that an operation was not an option and I was prescribed all sorts of strong pain killers to take.  The severe pain I was in also brought on a condition called Fibromyalgia for which there is no cure just more pills.  The pills prescribed for this condition are anti-depressants which stop the pain signals from going to the brain.  So apparently that was it for me a lifetime of pain and pills with harmful side effects.

I was determined that this was not it for me.  I was not going to spend the rest of my life taking pills and being in pain.  My gut instinct told me in order to fix myself I needed to get stronger.  The only exercise available to me due to my condition was yoga.  I booked myself into a weekly class and started to practice.  Sometimes it wasn't easy, sometimes my back played up, sometimes there were postures I just couldn't do, sometimes I got frustrated,a few times I went home early in complete agony but I wasn't going to give up.  The more I practiced the stronger I became, the more open and less tense my body became, the less pain I felt.  

Now I no longer have a bulging disc,  I still suffer with pain but I don't take pills.  Occasionally, if I have a bad flare up I might take something but that's quite rare nowadays.  When I feel pain, stiffness, tension - I do yoga.  I listen to my body, I listen to how it wants to move, or not move - sometimes a few long yin yoga holds are what it needs to create space in the joints.

I believe that we all have the ability to massively improve our well-being naturally if we listen to the signals our bodies are sending us.

I like to think outside the box, and although conventional medicine is sometimes completely necessary and live saving, it is not always the only answer.

I look forward to meeting you in class and I'm always available for a chat if you have any concerns or questions.

Much Love & Namaste