Hatha Yoga

An energetic yoga class that concentrates on building strength, flexibility and balance in the body. 

The class consists of approximately 1 hour Asana (physical yoga), 10 minutes Pranayama (breathing practice) and 20 minutes Yoga Nidra (Relaxation).

One of the most amazing things about yoga there is always something to learn and every teacher has his or her own way of expressing their knowledge and style of teaching.  It's important to find a teacher and style of yoga that you feel connected to.  I take my yoga very seriously but there is always time for a little humour, connection and self expression.  I like to take the time to get to know my students and I'm always available for a chat before or after class.

An example of my Hatha classes:

At the beginning of class we tend to spend a few minutes either seated or in a relaxed posture just calming the mind, relaxing the breath and preparing our minds and bodies for our practice.  It's good, especially after a busy day at work, just to take that time to refocus.  We'll then start to wake up the body by doing some stretches or warming the body with gentle movement.  Once we have warmed the body we'll move on to our target area (every week I choose a different area of the body to focus on).  We'll then move onto sun salutations, maybe some standing postures, balancing poses, inversions, backbends and twists.

I tend to play music during my classes.  Sometimes this can be quite traditional and other times more modern music depending on the type of flow and vibe I want to create or feel for each particular class.

We then move on to either 10 minutes Pranayama (learning to control and slow the breath) or lately maybe some silent meditation.  Sometimes it's good for the body and mind to just be, to let the body absorb the practice.

Finally, everyone settles down under cosy warm blankets while I talk you through 15-20 mins of Yoga Nidra (Relaxation).

There are classes scheduled to suit Beginners (Level 1) and Improvers (Level 2). 

An individual class is €10 or you can purchase a class pass for €50 which allows you to book 6 classes for the price of 5.  These classes do not have to be booked consecutively.

So if this sounds like something you'd like to try.  Give me a shout or book a class :).  I looking forward to seeing you soon.

Much Love, Tania x

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